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Services we provide

Carpet and upholstery cleaning
Few people enjoy cleaning carpets and moving furniture around. That’s where Lappies Cleaning Services come to the rescue and make this tedious task as easy as sitting back and reading a magazine. We will move all furniture around to ensure dirty areas get the professional carpet and upholstery cleaning needed.


Office and business cleaning
From monthly contract cleaning to once-off carpet and office cleaning, we have you covered. Lappies Cleaning Services will take care of all your blinds- and window cleaning as well as carpet- and upholstery cleaning requirements.

Window cleaning
We offer professional windows cleaning services for your business or home.

Tile cleaning
Bacteria and mold can build up on tiles and these areas can cause health problems. Our professional tile cleaning services will return you tiles to a clean and healthy state.

General cleaning
Moving in or out of your property? We provide a complete professional cleaning service for your home or business (including full bathroom and kitchen cleaning).

24h Water extraction & Dehumidification

dehumidification services lappies

Lappies Cleaning Services now offers professional dehumidification in addition to water extraction!

If you’ve ever been the victim of a burst geyser, burst water pipe, over-flowed sink or have been flooded by rain, you will know the inconvenience of getting wet carpets dry. We will arrive at your premises with industrial machinery to efficiently extract water from all soaked areas.

The water extraction process removes the majority of the water but cannot completely dry the water-soaked carpets. The remainder of the drying process depends on evaporation.

This is where our state-of-art dehumidifiers come in and remove the water from the moisture-laden air.

Where we provide services

Where we provide services
Newcastle, Utrecht, Dundee, Dannhauser
and surrounding


Free State:
Memel and surrounding

Volksrust and surrounding


About Lappies Cleaning Services

Hendrik Lappies Cleaning ServicesLAPPIES CARPET CLEANING was established in 1982 and initially focused on carpets and upholstery cleaning, using industrial cleaning equipment.

Over the years LAPPIES expanded into contract cleaning, end-of-tenancy cleaning, post-construction clean-ups, windows-, tiles- and floor cleaning as well as water extraction services and the name changed to LAPPIES CLEANING SERVICES.

Hendrik took over the family business from his father in 1999 after he learned the tricks of the trade. In 2005 Hendrik relocated to Newcastle KZN where he once again build a successful cleaning business.

We’re looking forward to provide a service of the highest standard to you! Contact us today.

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